Odor and odorants monitoring solutions

THT MEDOR : Odor measurement (THT)

Online analysis & control of gas odorisation

vigi e-nose

The vigi e-nose is an analyzer able to track VOCs, Sulfur compounds and other molecules as ammonia for example. It allows to provide a rich global fingerprint to correlate with human sensory (…)

Odor & VOCs monitoring for Odor & Chemical Control Units (OCU)

Methane, Non-Methane Total Hydrocarbons and Total Hydrocarbons with ChromaTHC-OCU


When vigi e-nose analyzer is associated with a local meteorological weather station installed on-site, it is possible to appreciate impact of potential emissive sources. The software vigiODOR (…)

energyMEDOR : Sulfur, Mercaptans and odor measurement

Online analysis and monitoring of sulfur compounds in natural gas


NH3 analyzer by UV spectroscopy

airmoMEDOR : Online analysis and monitoring of odorous sulfur compounds

The airmoMEDOR® is an automatic gas chromatograph (autoGC) for the analysis and monitoring of trace amounts of Methyl-Mercaptan, Ethyl-Mercaptan, Di-Methyl-Sulfide, Di-Methyl-Di-Sulfide and (…)