Odor: bad smell

The aim: analysis of H2S ppb and mercaptans with the TRSMEDOR because of the bad smell of exhausts.
Usually the four Sulfurs involved in the waste water treatment plants are :

  • Methylmercaptan (Me-SH), odor+toxic
  • Dimethylsulfide (DMS) odor
  • DimethylDisulfide (DMDS). odor
  • H2S odor+toxic
  • NH3 and Amines odor

The instruments provided today are total Sulfur analyzers that have two major differences with Chromatotec’s solutions. Competitors’ equipment’s make total sulfur analysis (equivalent in SO2) whereas we do the speciation of all mercaptans compounds at very sensitive levels (down to 1 ppb detection limit). ppt in option.

The instruments for such applications are mainly the TRSMEDOR as it does not require any cylinder gas to work (just carrier gas : AIR or nitrogen by zero air or nitrogen generators) and it is very sensitive intrinsically. Delivered with permeation tube for calibration and validation of results.

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