Sulfur or odor

Sulfur compounds = TRSMEDOR H2S / Mercaptans / TOS / TRS
Odor are coming from sulfur or NH3

The main advantages of Chromatotec® instruments are :

  1. They are 19″ rack and 4 or 5U height with everything included in the instrument (the sampling system, the trapping system and the analytical system. (except the pump).
  2. They are an automatic system with gas generator and automatic validation of results in an online industrial concentration chromatograph.
  3. They can be controlled and accessed remotely through an Ethernet board installed in the computer and linked to the network of the customer. This remote access is very important tool to help the end user since Chromatotec® (from Bordeaux, Beijing or Houston) or the local distributor can have access to the instruments in case of break down or trouble shooting.
  4. They are very sensitive, and analyze background level, when competition see zero.
  5. Automatic Trend to identify Sulfur compounds.
  6. One computer with Vistachrom and Windows embedded can control one, two or three instruments at the same time. Modbus Protocol is used for bidirectional communication with the central supervisor.
  7. We have a clear advantage over our competitors in the world of sulfur analyzers as none of the latter have reached Chromatotec’s expertise in the low and very low sulfur levels measurement.

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