Pure gas impurity and gas composition

Chromatotec’s analyzers ensure high-quality gas control in the U.H.P. and Specialties industries. In the medical sector, their moisture monitor, DET H2O, precisely detects moisture in medical and pure gases as per European Pharmacopoeia standards.

The Bulk industry

Chromatotec’s innovative solutions for the Bulk industry. Our advanced analyzers and monitoring systems ensure precision, efficiency, and safety in bulk handling and processing.

The U.H.P. industry

Companies like Air Liquide, Praxair, Air Products, and others in the petrochemical and chemical industry rely on Chromatotec for impurity control in gases delivered to customers. Chromatotec offers the airmoQuality system, comprising a 19″ rack cabinet with an industrial computer, calibration unit, and one to three analyzers to measure various components, including pure gases, sulfur compounds, CO, CO2, VOCs, CH4, NH3, Amines, and permanent gases at different concentration levels, ensuring gas quality for customers in the industry.

The Specialties industry

Chromatotec offers specialized solutions for the Specialties industry. Our products ensure precise control of VOC in nitrogen or helium, calibration cylinder usage, and detection of Mercaptans compounds down to 1 ppb. We also provide options for ppt analysis (30 to 3000 ppt).

The medical industry

We offer solutions for impurity control in air, O2, or N2O. Our technology also addresses the detection of key substances such as Formaldehyde, ETO (Ethylene Oxide), and CO (Carbon Monoxide). Count on Chromatotec for precise and reliable analysis to maintain the highest standards of safety and quality in the medical field.

Food and Beverage Industry

In the food and beverage industry, ensuring the quality and safety of carbon dioxide (CO2) is essential due to its use in various applications. Chromatotec® provides Gas Chromatography (GC) analyzers to monitor CO2 quality. These analyzers detect impurities like sulfur compounds and benzene, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations, making them ideal for CO2 quality control.

Moisture monitoring in Chlorine and corrosive gases

Monitoring moisture in chlorine and corrosive gases is crucial because even small moisture concentrations make chlorine highly corrosive. In chlorine production, online moisture measurements are recommended before compression and liquefaction to prevent corrosion. The chlorine DET H2O system, based on electrolytic analysis, measures water traces in chlorine, featuring controls for pressure, flow, and inert gas purging. It’s designed for corrosive environments, with a programmable measurement range from 0-50 PPB to 1,000 PPM. The unit is typically installed in non-corrosive areas, and parameters can be adjusted via an integrated keyboard. Output options include a 4-20 mA analog signal or digital serial communication.

European Pharmacopoeia and medical gases

Continuous moisture monitoring in medical and pure gases, such as O2, is essential to meet European Pharmacopoeia standards. Medical air, comprising 22% oxygen and 78% nitrogen, requires moisture levels below 67ppmV for it to be “breathable.” The DET H2O moisture monitor employs electrochemical measurement, offering precise values within a range of 0.5ppmV and even down to ppb, tailored to specific needs.