airmoVOC BTX

Technical Specifications

airmoVOC BTX - Analysis of Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, o,m,p Xylene, Styrene
  • BTEX analysis: 8 compounds
    • 8 compounds with 7 peaks: Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, M+P Xylene, O Xylene, Cyclohexane* and Styrene*
    • More VOCs in option: Naphtalene, Phenol, 1.3 Butadiene
  • Detection Limit:
    • Benzene < 20 ppt or 0,064 µg/m3
  • Detection Range:
    • 0,1 to 380 µg/m3 for Benzene
    • standard amibient air monitoring 0 to 50 µg/m3
  • Relative Standard Deviation:
    • < 0.3 % over 48 h (retention time)
    • < 3 % over 48 h (concentration)
  • Results:
    • Full result storage (data and chromatogram)
    • Embedded computer Windows® based with LCD display
    • 128 GB of Hardware storage on SSD memory
    • 4 USB Connecting Port
    • Two RS-232 ports
    • Display: 10’’ TFT Color LCD
    • MODBUS RTU / JBUS communication protocol
  • Cycle time:
    • 15, 20 or 30 min (A21022 BTEX Mcerts)
    • 30 min (A21022 BTEX-B Mcerts)
    • 20 min (A26022)
  • Gas supply:
    • H2 (FID and carrier gas): 30 ml/min (supply 2 bar ; 1/18’’ double ferrule
    • Air (FID) : 180 ml/min (supply 3 bar ; 1/8’’double ferrule
    • Sample supply (sample pump) 1/4’’double ferrule
    • Pneumatic valve 90ml/commutation

Analysis of Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, o,m,p Xylene, Styrene

A GC/FID instrument for BTEX monitoring in air, water and soil

Description :
The airmoVOC BTX is a gas chromatograph for the analysis and monitoring of trace amounts of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene (m/p/o) xylene by FID detection.

Principal :
Automatic sampling and concentration using an absorbent trap. Desorption from the trap and injection into a metallic capillary column regulated by a temperature gradient. The H2 pressure at the column head is controlled by a piezo valve.
The detection of all compounds eluting from the column is performed by a FID detector

Characteristics :
The airmoVOC BTX is equipped with an integrated PC comprising of the Vistachrom programme. The internal calibration allows automatic validation of results. (Certified Benzene tube at ± 10%).

The instrument is robust, compact and very low maintenance and offers excellent result quality : repeatability, linearity, stability and sensibility (ppt).

MCERTS certified analyser for benzene measurement following EN 14662-3

VISTACHROM ® software :
Chromatotec developed software system allows :

  • Remote monitoring
  • Full traceability through archiving of results and QC
  • Set up and control of threshold alarms
  • Export of data MODBUS / MGS1 / 4-20mA /0-10V

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