Polymer (acrylonitrile) analysis

In aqueous mode, it has been applied for the analysis of acrylonitrile. This polymer is used in plastics, fibers or as a component of additives to enhance oil recovery. This sampling system reduces the risk of polymerization of its monomer, acrylamide, avoiding the clogging of the column.

Chromatotec’s expertise extends to the analysis of polymers, such as acrylonitrile, in aqueous environments. Acrylonitrile, widely used in plastics, fibers, and as an additive to enhance oil recovery, presents challenges in analysis due to the risk of polymerization of its monomer, acrylamide, which can lead to column clogging. Our specialized sampling system mitigates this risk, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted analysis while maintaining the integrity of the polymer sample. Explore Chromatotec’s comprehensive solutions for polymer analysis, designed to meet the diverse needs of industrial and environmental applications.

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