Ambient Air Monitoring / AQMS

Explore our advanced air quality solutions to meet European and US EPA regulations for continuous monitoring. Chromatotec instruments cover BTX, sulfur, and VOC analysis, ensuring compliance and improving air quality. Additionally, monitor sulfur compounds and address odors in urban areas. The airmOzone provides an EPA-validated all-in-one solution for accurate VOC analysis, meeting rigorous standards for on-site monitoring.


This market, driven by European and US EPA regulations, focuses on continuous ambient air monitoring, including 24/7 analysis, calibration, and automatic zero air provision. In France, ATMO-index-controlling associations oversee ambient air monitoring. CHROMATOTEC’s instruments, such as BTX, Sulfur, and VOC analyzers, complement the O3, CO2, and DUST analyzers in the comprehensive analysis of ambient air.

Sulfur or odor

This concerns ambient air monitoring and quality control in cities for sulfur compounds (H2S / Mercaptans / TOS / TRS) that can be analyzed by our TRS MEDOR model. Odors can also originate from NH3.

Ozone and Secondary Organic Aerosol (SOA) precursors

The airmoOzone is an all-in-one solution validated by the US EPA, combining autoGCs FID for airmoVOC C2-C6 and airmoVOC C6-C12. It monitors a wide range of compounds, exceeding 56 with optional TO-14 molecules. This solution excels in VOC analysis, achieving ppt levels, and complies with mCERTs, EN 15267-1, EN 15267-2, and EN 14662-3 standards, making it the best choice for on-site VOC monitoring according to the US EPA.

SVOCs, VOCs, PCB and PAHs monitoring in ambient air

The airmoVOC C6C20+ TD/GC FID analyzer accurately measures hydrocarbons from C6 to over C20, including volatile PAHs. It offers a low ng/m3 sensitivity and is used by leading institutes and universities for PAH monitoring in diverse environments, from industrial sites to tropical forests and decontamination zones.