The U.H.P. industry

Air Liquide, Praxair, Air Products, BOC, Messer, Linde, Takachiho, Aga, etc. need to control the amount of impurities before delivery to customer in petrochemical or chemical industry.
For pure gas manufacturers, Chromatotec also supplies the airmoQuality : a complete 19″ rack cabinet including one industrial computer, one calibration unit and one, two or three analyzers for :

  • Pure gas at ppm or % (chromaTCD).
  • Sulphur compounds that may cause bad odor (energyMEDOR, ChromaS).
  • CO and CO2 at ppb level in pure gas (chromaCO).
  • VOC : PAMS with acetone and formaldehyde (airmoVOC).
  • CH4/NMTHC at ppb level (chromaTHC).
  • NH3 and Amines.
  • Permanent gases (He, Ar, H2, O2, N2, CH4…) at ppb level in different matrixes.

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