Technical Specifications

DET NH3 - NH3 analyzer by UV spectroscopy
  • Detection Limit:
    • NH3 ≤ 0.2 ppm
    • 0-100 ppm (contact us for other range)
  • Maximum performance:
    • Analyzer’s optimum function at 22°C ± 5°C
    • Installed by Chromatotec®
  • Detection system:
    • UV Spectroscopy
  • Working pressure:
    • Max 2 bar
  • Sample temperature:
    • 0 to+30°C (to be confirmed depending on application)
  • Results:
    • Graphic display and data storage
    • Directly available on the screen
    • Data format compatible with Excel
    • Full traceability of results
    • RS-232 for computer, modem, Modbus or printer
  • Signal output and relay:
    • 4 – 20 mA
    • High and low threshold relays

NH3 analyzer by UV spectroscopy

A new continuous NH3 analyzer by UV Spectroscopy is now completed the analyzer range proposed by Chromatotec®.

The advantages of this system are an easy identification of ammoniac spectrum, a high reliability and stability of measurement, an attractive cost of use without production of pollutants.

The light source used is a Xenon lamp (life time > 10 years). The detection range is between 0.1 and 100 ppm. Calibration and zero are done automatically with pure air (without NH3).

Spectrum decomposition is carried out by dispersive network and its acquisition is fast with DCC detector.

An analysis method based on extraction by Fourier transform is done and the specific NH3 spectrum in ultraviolet is observed easily in a mixed gas.

In addition to H2S and mercaptans analyzers, this new instrument is dedicated to the NH3 measurement in the atmosphere and can also be used to measure emission and deodorization near the exit of waste treatment plant chimney.

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