Wall mounted computer, remote display and automation module.

Wall mounted computer

We propose you a wall mounted industrial computer / box dedicated to the analyzer (delivered with Windows XP and Vistachrom) – screen, keyboard and mouse not supplied.

Remote display

Visualization system and issuing of automatic reports meeting a determined period

  • A 19” screen display in a control room for immediate values from different ports.
  • Data printing in the control room
    • Automatic average function every 8 hours
    • Printing function on request (rolling average, selected period)…
  • Data trend storage

Automation module

The Automation module permits user defined automated computation. For example : Average computations, specific historical files, Logging files, alarm computation…


Automatic multiple compound average value computation of H2S ; RSH ; THT ; Total sulphur compounds and Odorization factor.


Analysis results are set in a Real Time DataBase (RTDB).
The Math Module gathers these results with previous one, computes if necessary the averages values and other alarm triggering. All these data are also set in another place of the RTDB.
The Modbus Driver continuously collects the data it needs from the RTDB and make them available to DCS or SCADA with Modbus protocol.
To test the communication, the Modbus client requests need to be setup in the host DCS or PLC.
The monthly historical files gather all substance results to be archive in CSV format which could be easily imported in a spreadsheet or a database.
The calibration standard DMS results could be log on request in a monthly separated file.

Alarm computing

All alarm computing is performed at every result release.
All alarm can be acknowledged from Vistachrom suite.
All alarm thresholds are gathered into a dedicated .ini file.
All alarm status changes are time stamped and logged into a monthly text file.

Security handling

Follow up of the calibration substance :

  • A deviation alarm against its target value is computed.
  • The target value is calculated after each calibration performed during the analyzer metrological follow up.
Hardware fault handling :
  • The Math module watch for all error reported by the analyzer, check if it is a valid error and trigger a specific hardware alarm.
  • The alarm is trigged if the analyzer doesn’t deliver some result before a predefined delay.
Software fault handling :
  • Every Vistachrom suite runtime program generates a life signal in the RTDB that could be reported to external DCS with the modbus driver. These life signals testify the full working of each softwares.
  • All hardware and software alarms are time stamped and logged in a monthly system text log file.