Integration and Accessories

Integration and accessories

Featuring essential peripherals and accessories to optimize your analytical setup. Our Calibration systems with permeation tubes ensure automatic data validation and analytical solution stability. Explore our complete cabinets, equipped with integrated instruments and optional air conditioning for precise compound detection. Choose from wall-mounted or waterproof racks for industrial applications, offering easy maintenance. Our turnkey installations support mobile van analysis and industrial site solutions, providing integrated components and comprehensive wiring. Enhance communication with wall-mounted computers and automation modules, and achieve autonomy with gas generators for air, hydrogen, and nitrogen. Our multiplexers and Trace Moisture Analyzer cater to diverse sampling needs.

Gas generators

Air, hydrogen and nitrogen generators for completely autonomous solutions, without the need for gas cylinders.


Sample introduction systems


Calibration systems with permeation tubes are used to provide automatic data validation and to ensure a good stability of the analytical solution.


Chromatotec supplies complete cabinets with complementary instruments, in-built computer and appropriate accessories into a cabinet with option of air conditioning for accurate and complete compounds detection.


Wall mounted computer, remote display and automation module.

Suitcases with foam

Transportation and protection of GC analyzers