Pipeline Integrity

H2S/Total Sulfur analyzers for Natural Gas pipeline integrity monitoring
During the extraction and processing of raw Natural Gas, midstream companies are required to track the level of Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and Total Sulfur (TS). Accurate analysis of H2S in Natural Gas is of high importance to reach natural gas standard and to avoid equipment corrosion, as well as the decrease of heating values.

Chromatotec® proposes reliable on-line continuous analyzers for the safe measurement of H2S, TS and other sulfur compounds in natural gas and gaseous fuels. Detection of H2S is performed by MEDOR® Sulfur Spe­cific Electrochemical wet cell Detector (ED) every two minutes. Thus, if the concentrations exceed the limits, the midstream provider can close quickly the gathering line until the required H2S levels are met.

Main features :

  • Fast, specific, linear and extremely sensitive analysis of H2S and TS.
  • Low maintenance.
  • No cylinders required thanks to internal calibration permeation tube for results validation and gas generators.
  • Easy remote-access to monitor all parameters and control alarm thresholds.
  • MEDOR Detector lifetime including electrolyte is more than 10 years.
  • Find our TSP for H2S/Total Sulfur analyzers

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