vigi e-nose

Technical Specifications

vigi e-nose - VOCs, Sulfur compounds and other molecules as ammonia
  • Detection limits*:
    • Sulfur detector: less than 1 ppb for H2S
    • TVOC PID detector: less than 10 ppb on DMS
    • 50 UO E/m3 (limit of the olfactometer)
    • *more sensitive analyzers available upon request with special application
  • Detection range:
    • 0/10 or 0/100 or 0/1000 (ppb or ppm)
    • Calculation : Odor Index, TVOC, Total Sulfur, (OU e/m3 with XXXOU)
  • Relative Standard Deviation:
    • RSD < 3 % on concentration over 48H
    • RSD < 0.5% on retention time over 48H
    • < 1% on concentration at 100ppb over 24h
  • Results:
    • Embeded computer Windows® based with LCD display
    • 128 GB of Hardware storage on SSD memory
    • Ethernet, remote control
  • Cycle time:
    • H2S, SO2, MM, EM, DMS, DMDS, DES 600s
    • With special application following compounds can be added : IPM, TBM, NPM, 2BM, IBM, NBM, MES and THT 1200s
  • Gas supply:
    • Carrier: Dry air or N2 (3 bars): ≤ 4 ml/min.
    • CALIB: in continuous ~ 50 ml / min.
    • CALIB during validation ~ 250ml/min for M52 configuration
    • Pneumatic valve 90ml/commutation
    • Sampling dryer: 150 to 200 ml/min

The vigi e-nose is an analyzer able to track VOCs, Sulfur compounds and other molecules as ammonia for example. It allows to provide a rich global fingerprint to correlate with human sensory evaluation as dynamic olfactometry as example. It is possible to train the vigi e-nose with human sensory samples to study correlation with ASTM 679-E04 or EN 13725.

As electronic nose, it provides chemical and olfactive fingerprint.

The main differences are that vigi e-nose offers with single instrument :

  • Speciation of Sulfurs (H2S, Mercaptans, DMS, DMDS and more coupounds capabilities) thanks to performances and capabilities of MEDOR instrument
  • Quantification of tVOC using PID detector embedded on same equipment
  • Automatic data validation thanks to internal calibration using permeation tube embeeded on the analyzer

Stand alone solution without any gas cylinders requirements. The use of the Nitrogen generator is highly recommended.

Tests reports & Certifications