Turnkey solutions for biogas quality control

Chromatotec has developed an autonomous, robust and reliable solution to ensure continuous quality control of the biogas produced. This solution is based on a reference technology, gas chromatography with a TCD detector (GC TCD), which provides interference-free and precise results.

This solution integrates a hydrogen generator which supplies the GC TCD with the carrier gas it needs. It makes this solution completely autonomous, which only needs electricity. It is possible to analyze from 1 to 32 analysis channels automatically with a single system, which allows for multiple control points.

The miniaturization and hardening of this technology lead to a compact and deployable device in an industrial environment with a very low level of bulk and maintenance. It can be installed in a 19 ”rack in a bay or in a wall box with a protection rating ranging from IP54 to IP 66. This wall box can be temperature regulated to ensure optimal performance even outdoors. An ATEX version up to Zone 1 allows the device to be installed in an explosive zone.

This solution has already been deployed on household waste anaerobic digestion sites, in particular to monitor the level of CH4, CO2 and H2S ; with the aim of continuously monitoring the compliance of the biogas produced and alerting if the concentration threshold is exceeded too high.

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