Trace H2S (0-1ppm) in Hydrogen

H2S measurement in process reactor effluent for H2 recycle in the petrochemical industry
Propane dehydrogenation (PDH) is used to produce polymer-grade propylene from propane. Propane feed enters the reactors, where a catalyst dehydrogenates the hydrocarbon molecules. The H2 gas produced is sent to a separator where hydrogen is recovered. If the propane feedstock is not completely desulfurized, unwanted H2S in the H2 recycle gas could poison the catalysts or damage the equipment. Therefore, on-line H2S measurement of the reactor effluent gas is required.

Chromatotec®’s H2S MEDOR analyzer measures real-time H2S concentration in the hydrogen recycle gas stream, composed of up to 60% of H2, and also propane and propylene, for a H2S concentration range of 0-1 ppm.

Chromatotec®’s H2S MEDOR analyzer consists of an automatic process Gas Chromatograph (autoGC) equipped with Sulfur Specific Electrochemical wet cell Detector (ED) which only reacts with sulfur compounds and providing excellent results down to 1ppb. All compounds have a linear response with the ED, with R2 > 0.995. Moreover, the MEDOR® detector is not affected by the moisture in the sample.

It is available with dedicated configuration for safe and hazardous areas (ATEX, IECEx, CSA and CSA international certifications). including an integrated N2 generator : no Hydrogen is required. The H2S MEDOR includes and embedded internal calibration for automatic data validation.

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