Technical Specifications

airmo HCHO - Formaldehyde analyzer
  • Analyzer compound:
    • Benzene
  • Lower Detection Limit:
    • Benzene : 6 ppb (ppb version) or 0.1 ppm (ppm version)
    • TVOC: 1 ppb
  • Detection Range and Linearity:
    • Benzene : 0-10 (ppm or ppb), 0-100 (ppm or ppb), 0-1000 (ppm or ppb)
  • Relative Standard Variation:
    • < 0,3% over 48 h (retention time)
    • < 3% over 48 h (concentration)
  • Cycle time:
    • 3 to 15 minutes
  • Results:
    • Embeded computer Windows® based with LED display
    • 128 GB of Hardware storage on SSD memory
  • Communication:
    • Ethernet, remote control
  • Gas supply:
    • Air or Nitrogen: 6-10 mL/min (inlet 3 bar; 1/8’’)
    • Sample inlet (vacuum pump) 1/4’’
    • Internal calibration : 50 mL/min for ppm range
    • Pneumatic valve : 90 mL/commutation
  • Gas supply for Exp cabinet:
    • If air used for dillution: 30L/min in continue

BTEX analyzer with PID detector

A GC PID for automatic monitoring of compounds, in air, water or soils.

This instrument uses a port valve with a loop, and a metallic 0.53 mm ID column.

It has a minimum detection level of ppb.

Miniaturization, sensitivity, mobility and flexibility are its main features. Everything from the sample port up to the data storage is integrated in a 19″ rack 4U.

Isothermal oven in standard (programmed gradient temperature in option) : pressure/flow control of the carrier gas by the-valve.

Before final delivery the analyser is tested for one week by the quality control department.

Photo ionisation detector (PID), 10,6 eV lamp in standard.

Other lamps on request.

Self-cleaning of the lamp for high stability.

0….1 V analogue output (contact) for the purpose of low or high alarms on the concentrations of the analysed compounds.

Bi-directionnal RS-232 to transfer data and results to the computer.

The Vistachrom software enables the user to view and store data on a PC. It provides comfortable user friendly utilities to recalculate, calibrate and export data and to configure the measurement.

The software allows the calculation of retention time, area, mass or concentration profiles, in any international measuring unit.

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