airmOzone - Ozone precursors (PAMS 56) and Toxics monitoring

Compact Shelter


Wall-mounted and explosion-proof cabinets

Chromatotec supplies complete cabinets with complementary instruments, in-built computer and appropriate accessories into a cabinet with option of air conditioning for accurate and complete compounds detection.

Wall mounted rack

It allows to integrate the managing analytical and electronic part (LCD display under Windows).

Instead of the 19″ rack, this particular waterproof rack is used for some industrial applications for easy maintenance with a front door.

Options :

  • Sample probe according to the application.
  • Heated transfer line.
  • Heating or cooling items for outdoor installation.

Turnkey Installation

Our analyzers integrated into cabinets can be installed in mobile van for analysis on different spots and in real time. We deal with the analytical /pneumatical/ electrical part as well as the whole relative wiring.

Analysis mobile solution in shelter for industrial sites

Chromatotec is now proposing a turnkey solution integrating Chromatotec analyzers and generators in an air-conditioned or heated shelter. Compact, this measuring cabinet is designed for outdoor and indoor use and is perfectly suited for installation on site.

Examples of integration


Deodorization of polluted air is captured and neutralized by successive chemical cleanings in the deodorization towers which neutralize the odours caused by bacteriological fermentation.

Our system TRSMEDOR consisting of our analyzer, supervisor with our own operation software, VISTACHROM, and multiplexer, analyses H2S concentrations and can pilot the adjunction of calcium nitrates.The process allows to the bacteria to have an oxygen reserve and therefore to stop the sulphate transformation into sulphides and H2S.

airmOzone cabinet

Applications in the atmosphere pollution, in the petrochemical fence line and clean air room.

Our system airmOzone C2-C12 allows you to analyze the VOCs thanks to :

  • the calibration system with a bottle or permeation tube
  • a H2 generator
  • in-built LCD computer with our own operation software VISTACHROM
  • airmopump sampling
  • Peltier effect : for cooling
  • Airmopure : air generator