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Chromatotec® group and SEDERE combine their expertise in liquid chromatography

The two French manufacturers, independent family-owned companies with French capital, are willing to develop innovative HPLC solutions for the chromatography industry
Chromatotec®, French specialist in manufacturing turnkey solutions for gas and liquid analysis for 40 years, is proud to announce a collaboration with the company SEDERE, expert in the development, manufacturing and sales of Evaporative Light-Scattering Detectors (ELSD).

The two French manufacturers, export-focused and whose solutions are distributed all around the world, are wishing to collaborate on HPLC systems implementation projects combining MS solutions from Chromatotec® with SEDERE ELSD offer. These applications can be proposed for pharma or agro-food industries for instance, allowing fast and reliable on-field analysis.

SEDERE is the founder of the Low-Temperature Evaporation concept with its range of detectors SEDEX LT-ELSD, recognized as the most complete range of ELSD detectors.

Chromatotec® developed a transportable HPLC system for a big French industrialist. This system is composed of two suitcases : an “order” suitcase with a fixed frame and integrating an impact protection damping system, and an “analytical” suitcase which integrates a GPC analytical system with an auto-sampler, a pumping system, a column and a UV detector. This suitcase of less than 23kg with specific design is perfectly adapted to transport into the luggage bay of planes.

Chromatotec ® also proposes a range of liquid chromatography by HPLC, LC, GPC…, but also a rheometer in transportable case and a DSL system (Dynamic Scale Loop) for the analysis of precipitations and deposition of scale in piping systems like oil or water pipelines.

These two new systems rely on electronic cards with technology owned by Chromatotec® group (airmotec cards, Chromatotec® software with its own supervision system). These solutions also include the automatic preparation of samples (with viscosity measurement, dilution, cleaning…) that involve the validation of samples before the injection in the chromatograph.

With this collaboration, Chromatotec is pursuing its development strategy on liquid chromatography market. The group indeed concluded at the end of 2021 a partnership with the company Knauer by Mazet, expert in liquid chromatography and official representative in French territory of the Knauer brand, a German manufacturer of scientific instruments for liquid chromatography.